UNISON eTech Grows as a Leading Company in the Plant and Construction Industry

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryFounded in 1984, UNISON eTech concurrently manages its plant, construction and renewable energy businesses. It has been building its reputation as the industry-leading company with major products of each business, such as hanger supports, expansion joints, intercooler and crossover for its plant base materials, bridge bearings and bio-gas plants.
The following is a one-on-one interview with CEO of UNISON eTech, Koo Bon-kwang, which will reveal many interesting insights into how the company emerged as a leader of the domestic industry.

Please tell us about your company and its main growth engines

UNISON eTech has been able to secure core technology and the best quality in plant business that produces piping support products, construction parts that deal with vibration isolation, and control products in preparation for earthquakes and the renewable energy business.
I believe our growth engines depends on stability and release of our products with various specifi cations that buyers and clients require through business partnerships with domestic and international businesses.


Tell us about your main products

Our main products include bridge expansion joints, piping supports that go into piping lines of plants, seismic restraints that improve safety against earthquakes and wind loads.
Our biggest advantage is the fact that the company provides customized products based on required specifi cations by clients, core technology and quality with various products portfolio.
Although our sales in the domestic market are stable, export performance is relatively low. To increase our exportation, our company is using online marketing and advertising. The domestic construction and plant industry has reached a mature level, so now is the time to change paradigms to vitalize the sluggish domestic construction and plant industry.


What about emerging markets and your main export markets?

Currently, UNISON eTech’s exports are limited to the USA and Japan. In future, however, we will expand our sales to Southeast Asia and Europe.
Especially, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the demand for natural gas is expected to grow more than 50% by 2035. Therefore, the infrastructure market for natural gas is expected to grow rapidly in North America and Africa. I believe this will present us with an opportunity to break through, instead of relying on the sluggish domestic construction and plant industry

What is your management philosophy as CEO?

I have only two things that I would like to mention. First, I would like to create an environment where employees can enjoy themselves working. For that purpose, we make efforts to support our employees internally and recruit people of talent externally, with realization of the fact, humans come first.


What is your vision for the future and do you have any message for overseas buyers and clients?

In the future, we will try to diversify our business structure through development and sourcing of items related to our products. I am sorry to say the fact that the superiority of our products and services has not been very well recognized in overseas markets, compared with our success in Korea.
Our objective is to reach two-digit growth rate, higher than 10%, through aggressive sales in major overseas markets, based on our experience in dealing with large companies.



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