Growing as an Innovative Leader in Global Parking Systems M.P.E. has been leading the trends in the global parking system market with “5SP,” a parking system utilizing innovative technology. Despite the Chinese challenges, it has been actively striving to advance into the Chinese market using a strategic approach. The following article, based on a one-on-one interview with the CEO of KOREA M.P.E., Park Hyun-gun, will provide interesting insights for related professionals in this field.


Please introduce our readers to your company and the driving force for its amazing growth

KOREA M.P.E. was started in 1994 with Japanese technology for mechanical parking facilities through technical cooperation. KOREA M.P.E. stands for Motor Parking Engineering. And I have been emphasizing that people using the 5P management concept can only succeed. These concepts are: positive attitude, passion, pride, patience and promise.
Successful people are usually good-natured, faithful to the basics, and helpful with 5P. Our company, KOREA M.P.E. has been growing as a strong enterprise and establishing itself in the domestic market, supported by the loyal interest and support of its clients. Therefore, w e promise to meet their expectations with better productquality and service to repay their trust and interest. Also, we plan to make continuous efforts to grow as a trustworthy company by actively participating in social contribution activities, beyond merely seeking profits for the company.


Please tell us more about your major products

Under our slogan, “Dignity beyond quality,” we aim to become one of the top 2% of the companies of Korea. We are also growing steadily in the global market with differentiation for price, quality and reliability.
We have major parking systems such as elevator-type, plane to-and-fro-type and elevator-slide-type − designed, produced and maintained for mid- to large-markets. The characteristics of our innovative product, the 5SP parking system, are space-less, saving, simple & auto, safety and speedy & silent. Our cutting-edge parking facility, the 5SP parking system, will maintain the dignity and appearance of your building.
We are fully committed to becoming a company that can promote our clients with thorough craftsmanship and challenge spirit to pioneer the future. Our final objective is to be a global professional company that improves quality of life for all clients.


Please tell us about your major export and emerging markets

As for Asia, we export to Mongolia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and Iran, and we design, produce and construct in accordance with ISO 9001 − even in Russia, Mexico and Ethiopia. We strive for the world’s best technology and service.
Currently, we pay our most attention to the potential of China among the Asian markets. Recently, we went to Jinan, Shandong province, on a business trip. The city is experiencing an increase of cars by 400,000 annually, and with population of 10 million, one household used to average 0.8 cars, but now one household has an average of 1.2 cars with the rapid increase of vehicle ownerships.
Even though China has approximately 300 parking-lot facility companies and more than 5,000 steel structure companies, there are very few top-class companies with competence, and with China’s huge size and its potential, it is still considered as a land of opportunity for development.
When setting up a business for a parking lot facility within China, one has to understand the domestic market of China, and there is a need for a strategy that maximizes final profits by creating the maximum number of orders despite small margins in consideration of the huge size of the Chinese market. The most important thing at this point is that the Chinese clients are satisfied and moved by the cutting-edge technology and service of KOREA M.P.E. To meet the rising expectations of Chinese clients, the facilities should be basically safe with low failure rate and be convenient for parking.


What is your management philosophy?

Even though people usually wait for opportunities, it is said that opportunities do not wait for people! Before we wait for opportunities, we have to build up our capabilities to tackle them. Therefore, this is why we need to focus on our work ever more.


Please tell us about your future vision and comments for overseas buyers and clients

After proclaiming Vision 2012 for construction of the parking business, the construction manager, CM for Free, gets in charge of construction management as an agent of the contractor. Therefore, the contractor, designer and construction manager form one team.
This method merely supplements the management capability of the contractor as a staff of the contractor. Not only have we registered patent No. 10-1365165, construction management method on Feb. 13, 2014, but we will also transferred six patented technologies related to our mechanical parking facility. To this end, we will continue with our flexible management to adapt to the ever-changing business environment through endless R&D and radical management innovation, with plans to kick off our overseas business advancement. We welcome the loyal support of our clients as we progress toward becoming a 21st -century global company. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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