Korea’s First Electric Roadster “YEBBUJANA R2”

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryPower Plaza, Korea’s representative electric vehicle company, has each year been releasing its new EV concept cars, the YEBBUJANA series. Of special note, Power Plaza was invited to participate in the Geneva Motor Show 2016, for the first time as a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) from Korea, with its YEBBUJANA R2. The car can travel as far as 765 km per charge and attain speeds of up to 199 km per hour. With its differentiated sensible design and interior decoration emphasized, it received high praise from the Europeans.
For the Seoul Motor Show, Power Plaza has a new slogan: “Focus on humans, not machines.” For example, we have tried to focus its handling control based on human sensory organs, as it is a human interface, not a machine’s. Therefore, Power Plaza’s future automobile will allow minimum intervention of machines for driving.
YEBBUJANA R2 falls into a category of roadsters that has never been tried before in Korea, and it is a new version of the YEBBUJANA R, which was released at the Seoul Motor Show 2015, and the R2 comes in a more attractive design and features future-oriented technology. The YEBBUJANA R2 maximizes elegant curves through “One-piece Underfloor” engineering to emphasize its unique design that embodies the shape of a dynamic dolphin with the body’s beauty and simplicity. A black line on the rear has been added to maximize the volume of the curve with elegance.
The R2 boasts a level of performance of sports cars with a maximum speed of 199 km/h, 4.6 seconds for 0->100km/h acceleration, and a maximum range of 765 km per charge when driving 60 km/h. Power Plaza has been unveiling new models of its exclusive EV concept car, YEBBUJANA series since the Seoul Motor Show 2011. Also, “One-piece Underfloor” in the YEBBUJANA R2 is exclusive special technology developed by Power Plaza, which acquired a domestic patent.
Using the Monocoque method as the body & frame integration technique, the biggest advantage of “One-piece Underfloor” is the fact that it can reduce costs for facility and equipment, which raises the possibility of producing EVs in small facilities as well.

If you take a look at the performance of the R2, it can go as far as 765 km on a single charge at 60 km/h. This innovative range was made possible by its carbon fiber body that makes the vehicle lighter with its weight around 837kg and highcapacity battery pack of 81kWh when equipped with its optional battery. Also, its power-train features a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM), and inverter, with a five-speed manual transmission, which enables dynamic driving at the level of super car with its explosive acceleration that can reach 100 km/h within 4.6 seconds. Its battery module, which was made by connecting barrel shaped battery cells in series/parallel, has been self-developed for its stability and high performance.

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