Strapping machines[INQ. NO. 1705M06] BINDTEC Co. Ltd. started its business in 1983 as a company that imported and distributed finance office automation machines. Since 1990, however, the company has been growing as a manufacturer of binding machines. Starting with importation of bill binding equipment, it has now diversified its production of binding machines according to characteristics of clients. For example, it has supplied tray-binding machines to semiconductor corporations such as Samsung Electronics and Hynix, binding devices for user manuals to pharmaceutical companies, various industrial products and food binding machines to factories and food companies, using pp band and paper/film band.
Its representative binding machines, YL-420 series (YL-420, YL-420S), bind various products such as pouches, name cards, envelopes, boxes and lunch boxes. They are multi-purposed binders with an advantage of not emitting harmful odors while binding. Even without heating time, they can bind instantly as soon as turned on with automatic temperature control function and automatic/manual operation. Especially, they can bind even transparent and black objects that sensors usually cannot detect. The widths of paper/film band are 30mm and 50mm, and one particular model can use one width, either paper or film band.
As Korea’s only manufacturer of small binding machines, it has been localizing products that it used to rely on importation, and responding to requests of companies speedily and accurately with cheap price and timely customer services.
Notably, BINDTEC plans to launch its new model YL-420SEP that can recognize the target with its built-in function of eye-mark later this year. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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