Becoming a Leader in Manufacturing Solutions for Environmental Roads[INQ. NO. 1703M21] Established in 1997, Hansoo Road Industry Co., Ltd. has been engaged in developing and constructing solutions that can contribute to protection of the environment. All the various activities of the company are based on the philosophy of respect for nature. In other words, this philosophy is an engine that spurs its energy to ceaselessly develop and unveil highly competitive environmental solutions for road paving.

Among Hansoo Road Industry’s current flagship solutions are:

Recover Asphalt
Recover asphalt features innovative ultra-thin , low noise, hot-mix asphalt pavement with the CSM modifier, applied for road repair, without cutting old paving and paving a new layer 1.5~3cm in height.

Effect of fiber Modified binder
– Evenly distributed fiber in mixture-reflection crack resistance
– Increasing adhesive stength between aggergate by fiber bridging effect
– Improvement of low temperature crack resistance

Effect of Recover Asphalt Method
– Waste reduction by no cultting of existing pavement
– Energy effcient and reduction of raw material due to 1.5~3cm thin layer
– Noise reduction by adjusted aggregate
– Fast consyruction and road opening

Fiber is evenly distributed in mixture reflecting crack resistance. The fiber modified binder increases adhesive strength thanks to its fiber bridging effect. The fiber modified binder improves cold cracking resistance.
When the method of recover asphalts is adopted, some merits are created: waste is reduced by no cutting of the existing paving; raw material is reduced due to 2~3cm of thin layer; noise is reduced when construction by adjusting aggregates; and faster road construction and road opening are possible.
The solution of Recover Asphalt can thus be applied for road with cracks due to heavy traffic and vehicle, road with frequent emergency road repairs, parking lots of schools, large buildings and public offices, and near median strip of highway.

Speed Ro
Speed Ro pocket is a cold asphalt patch for emergency repair of various types of potholes and turtle cracks. This product is an ecologically pure certified product, consisting of binder without VOCs.
Speed-Ro no needs volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by strength development through physical compaction. Resource cycling of cold patch is possible by using 100% recycled asphalt aggregate and nonvolatile special agent. Energy efficiency and reduction of CO2 emission is achievable in asphalt plants by producing room temperature.
Speed-Ro (cold patch) uses recycled asphalt aggregate for emergency repairs of asphalt pavement, thus ensuring environmental friendly effects. This product is used for such asphalt pavement damages as potholes, cracks and turtle cracks and height difference.
It ensures higher stability and durabilitywhen compared to other emergency cold patches. It enables easy compaction and early traffic opening by vehicle in field application. Construction is possible regardless of asphalt surface conditions, weather, temperature and seasons. In particular, it can fully help construction on rainy days thanks to the superior water resistance.

EPO-AS, a high-temperature asphalt mixture using epoxy resin as binder, is an excellent asphalt concrete pavement that has very high strength, resistant to plastic deformation and high-performance for bridges and heavy traffic zones.
EPO-AS manufactured for pavement for new steel plate decks and concrete bridges repairing pavement steel plate decks and concrete bridges, and pavements for heavy traffic roads and checkpoints.

EP-COAT is an epoxy primer to increase the adhesion and water resistance of new and old asphalt, steel plate decking, and concrete slabs in the repairing of general asphalt and concrete pavement. This solution is made for pavement for new steel plate deck and concrete bridge, repairing pavement steel plate deck and concrete bridge, and pavement for heavy traffic roads and checkpoints.

RMC(Rubber Modified Compound)
RMC, an asphalt modifier material, mainly composed of thermoplastic elastomer, which enhances deformation resistance, low temperature crack resistance, and fatigue resistance, compared to the normal asphalt pavement, by adding in plant mix method in asphalt plant.

S-Phalt is a high-viscosity modified asphalt. It is added with RMC modifier during manufacturing asphalt mixture. It has high porosity that allows rainwater to drain through the continuously porous asphalt paving.
As the rainwater immediately drains through the porous paving, it also significantly improves skid resistance, noise reduction and enhances the visibility due to the mitigation of reflection.
S-Phalt features excellent slip resistance by reducing hydroplaning on rainy days. It ensures improved resistance to plastic deformation by using high viscosity modifier; prevents secession of aggregate owing to the increased adhesion; and ensures higher visibility of the road when it rains and driving at night. This solution also helps the significant mitigation of noise (3~5Db) when compared to the dense asphalt pavement.
S-Phalt proves high application quality, especially in underpasses and overpasses, general roads, park and walk roads, and riverside roads.

S ll Asphalt
S II Asphalt, a modified asphalt concrete added with RMC modifier by the plant-mix method when producing asphalt mixture, enhancing deformation resistance, low temperature crack resistance, and fatigue resistance in repeat loading, compared to the normal asphalt pavement. This solution is intended to be used for construction of highways and motorways, and general roads frequented by heavy traffic, bridges and overpasses, tunnels and underpasses, and roads with serious rutting and deformation.

Color Road-Con
Color Road-Con is a new concept of pavement method designed for sidewalks, driveways, and riverside roads, which is added with high viscosity RMC modifier and a variety of color pigment in consideration of scenic urban landscape (both water drainable type / non drainable type available).
Color Road-Con is readily applicable to parks and walk roads, riverside road, and parking lots, with ensuing good effects. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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