Automotive Parts[INQ. NO. 1705M21] Duckil Industry manufactures various kinds of automobile plastic parts, and switch parts. Automobile plastic parts are equipped with housing that delivers vehicle’s power and signal from terminal to terminal and TPA (Terminal Position Assurance) which locates the terminal’s position. There are two types in the vehicle assembly: the Wire-to-Wire type that connects the other part’s connector; and the Wire-to-Unit type that delivers power and signal to other devices inside the car.
The company possesses an overall connecting solution that connects automotive electronic systems. This system is developed by engine sensors and connector for power and signal. The automobile switch part by Duckil Industry features high quality and high performance. This helps you to drive very comfortably; for example the driver’s seat is tilting up/down, going back/forth and supporting your lumbar region.
Duckil Industry was honorably selected as a precision part manufacturer by the Korean Ministry of Trade & Industry. Duckil Industry has developed cutting-edge injection molding machines and high-technology testing equipment, and manufactures 500 different kinds of automobile electric power supply parts and communications connectors. Duckil Industry has become a leading automobile parts manufacturer in the Korean market with great support from customers. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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