The First Appearance of Ultra-compact Electric Car Model in Korea for Road Driving[INQ. NO. 1705M22] Daechang Motors recently launched an ultra-compact four-wheel-drive electric car, DANIGO, by completing its development and implementing road test driving. This is the first time that an ultra-compact electric car model for road driving has been introduced in Korea.
Thus far, most of them were made in China, electric scooters, or remodeled electric cars. The development of DANIGO was based on accumulated technology related to electric vehicles and expectations of higher demand for ultra-compact electric vehicles through cases such as Europe and Japan.
Oh Chung-gi, the CEO of Daechang Motors, established the company in 2010. This is the second establishment. Mr. Oh, also founded the display manufacturer, ‘Decktron’ and has led the company for more than 10 years to make it become an SME with annual sales exceeding 100 billion won. He sold his entire stake a few years ago and entered into the electric car market. As an engineer, he is confident that he will be able to compete with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the field of electric cars.
The recently launched DANIGO, is small but offers sufficient space and minimized inconvenience. It looks very cute when viewed from any side, and its round shape is enough to draw attention of passers-by. ‘DANIGO’ was developed with a focus on overcoming the disadvantages of the Renault Twizy of Samsung. While it is an ultra-compact electric car, it is equipped with an air conditioner inside the vehicle, as well as HAC function to prevent the vehicle from sliding back on hills when the foot is removed from the accelerator.
DANIGO weighs a mere 450 kg, including battery. It has excellent battery and driving performance. As it is equipped with a 7.5 Kw motor, it has a maximum speed of 80 km/h. It is equipped with a cylindrical compact battery, exclusive battery management system (BMS) and battery display indicator (BDI). It is equipped with 560 LG Chemical’s latest 11.8Wh class (3.2Ah) cylindrical batteries (model name: 18650) with a capacity of 6.6kWh. It can be driven up to 100 km with one charge; it takes about one hour with a fast charger, while it takes 3.5 hours using a general 220V electric cord for home use.
It occupies one-third of parking space compared to an ordinary sedan.
It was the first ultra-compact electric car that is equipped with a rear camera to ensure convenience and safety when reversing or parking, and made airbag and ABS brake for options to meet the safety needs of customers.

Indoor and outdoor temperatures and remaining driving distance are also displayed using CAN communication that checks over-voltage, under-voltage, and discharge. The size is 2,300 X 1,190 X 1,485 mm (length x width x height). There are three types of doors to choose from: full door, semi-door and bar-type door, depending on the customer’s circumstances and usage.
It is equipped with an air conditioner that boasts optimum energy-efficiency for heat in summer and to prevent any possible risk due to moisture and it also has a bright headlight audio. A tablet PC is also installed to maximize the convenience of the driver.

Despite the added function that does not exist in Twizy, the price of the vehicle is about 10 million won. When meeting the criteria of subsidy for electric car which is scheduled to be released this year by the Ministry of Environment, it is expected to be able to purchase it for 6 – 7 million won. It has a low fault frequency due to more than 50% simpler structure compared to general sedans. Up to 10,000 won is saved in electricity costs when driving 1, 500 km, which is about 1/15 the cost of driving that distance with a compact car.

He explained “It’s equipped with conveniences such as air conditioner, hill-start assist, rear camera, etc. by supplementing the weaknesses of the European ultra-compact electric car.” and “It will be useful for electric car sharing thanks to its advantages for driving in the city central such as parking at a cheap price.”
This model will also be released on the European market. Mr. Oh continued, “Europe, which has strong pragmatism, already is showing increasing demand for ultra-compact electric cars. We have already started to cooperate with global companies to advance into Europe by taking advantage of its competitiveness to overcome the weaknesses of the European ultra-compact electric car market.” He said, “The technology and experience in manufacturing electric cars such as golf carts and low-speed electric vehicles are strong motives for Daechang Motors to expand various businesses related to electric cars in future.” | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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