COD Automatic Measurement Equipment[INQ. NO. 1707M01] COD automatic measurement equipment (AW-5115) of Dongyang Electro-systems is based on the measuring standard of the “alkaline method, and the potassium permanganate method at 100 Celsius degrees” according to the Sewage Treatment Method.
Oil bath is composed of heat-insulating structure, and it can reduce power consumption as the heat-saving function is operated in standby mode. If abnormal high temperature occurs in the oil bath, heating is stopped by operation of the alarm device, and in addition, it is equipped with a double safety device through a temperature fuse.
Digital • analog simultaneous recording of measure value is available (measured values are displayed as graph), and by converting into the specified measurement method, it has substantial functions such as record of daily report, monthly report & yearly report, upper-limit alarm setting of COD concentration, etc.
The operation or elapsed time can be checked easily by adoption of large LCD display, record of oxidation-reduction potential at titration, process display by LED, etc. In addition, maintenance/ repairing inspection is easy owing to the structure that can allow one to see the inside of the reactor while performing automatic calibration operation, automatic cleaning operation, and manual operation.
As it uses a large reagent tank, continuous operation for more than 30 days is possible just by carrying out one-time reagent replenishment. As the transport of sample water, cleaning water and reagent is conducted by absorption by embedded air pump and compressor and forced transfer by air, no clogging of the piping occurs. In addition, as there is an air-cleaning process during automatic operation, stable operation is possible for a long time. As the optimum range is set according to the concentration of the sample, the degree of measurement is high owing to the availability of measurement for a tiny amount of the sample. It is thus also suitable for measurement of high-concentration samples. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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