https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1707M02] The centrifuges of Royal Precision Ind. selectively handle particle-separation and dehydration required by various kinds and many forms in the overall industrial field, based on the nature of the treated material.
It is a kind of centrifuge that can perform the process of input-sedimentationdehydration-discharge-transport, etc. sequentially for theparticles of the treated material from a few micrometers to several mm size owing to the interlocking operation with the treated material, and it has broad scope with concentration of the treated material from 0~50%, while it can maximize large-capacity treatment and separation efficiency.
The centrifuge produced by Royal Precision Ind. is a device that is essentially used in the manufacturing process of chemical power and calcium carbonate (CaCO3) that especially requires precise separation, and it collects PE and PP of the waste plastic for recycling, while also efficiently separating light PVC by attaching lubricant. Moreover, it can conduct large-capacity treatment continuously without jamming in the sorting process.
It is applied to the fields where various kinds and property/shape are required such as civil-engineering sludge, food sludge, chemical industry, food processing industry, steel industry, waste plastic, waste-oil refining, by-products of water treatment, plants, etc.
Established in 1986, Royal Precision Ind. has been recognized as the domestic forerunner in the manufacturing field of horizontal centrifuge based on its accumulated high-level technology and perfect quality control. Based on its rich experience and continuous technology development, the company has endeavored to provide the best satisfaction to customers from design, to manufacturing, installation, commissioning up to A/S. In addition, it was certified as a venture company that acquired excellent quality certification and environmental facility certification in 2000.

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