HOPS (High Ozone-water Production System)

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1707M26] ECO-PROTECT Inc. was established with the motto, ‘Eco-friendly Company for a Clean Environment.’ It is an environmental venture company manufacturing sterile water manufacturing devices and water treatment devices that it produces for Korean as well as overseas markets.
The High Ozone Water Treatment System (HOPS) produces water that kills microbes such as germs, and as ozone is contained in the water, the water can be used to sterilize food resources and materials and to clean floors. However, unlike the sterilization water used for cleaning, this water can be used to purify contaminated water using ozone for water treatment purposes.
HOPS can produce ozone water with high and consistent concentration. This highly concentrated ozone water (above 3ppm), produced through a direct manufacturing method for the first time in Korea, possesses sterilization capacity beyond chloride, but there is no residue, unlike chloride or detergent. HOPS minimizes excessive ozone gas through direct manufacturing, rather than through circulation. Moreover, with the unique patented technologies of ECOPROTECT Inc., anexcessivegas removal device has been added to thoroughly extract any possible excessive gas.
HOPS enables automated operation and real-time monitoring. HOPS can be operated automatically with signals from the level of the tank or movement of source water in the pipes, and the real-time monitoring is possible on a smartphone through CCTV when necessary. HOPS is an all-in-one system. It can even be customized for any site through facilities, design and manufacturing for sterilization and purification fields for various industrial environments.

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