Scale Inhibitor[INQ. NO. 1707M25] H&N is a professional water treatment consultant for the POU market. H&N has been designing and engineering water treatment with Korean and overseas suppliers in the water treatment industry who understand the POU market. In cooperation with reliable business partners in the world, H&N has been distributing quality products to customers in the global market.
H&N’s Scale Guard is the ideal solution to treat scale problemswith lower maintenance costs and good performance. Scale Guard eff ectively removes and prevents rust and scale by instant ionizing water that passes through a water supply system.
When water passes through Scale Guard, static electricity arises due to friction on the contact surface. And when the electrical charge rises by absorbing the static electricity, it emits the outer nuclear electrons and becomes charged. Then, a strong static electricity fi eld is created via the transfer of the electrical charge and when water passes through the static electricity fi eld, it is instantly ionized. This is the most natural and environment-friendly water treatment system that also helps living things grow and keeps them healthy by activating water. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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