Hot air furnace[INQ. NO. 1707M18] Osteam has released and commercialized an industrial steam warm air furnace with patent registered as sterilization heater using superheated steam through years of research and development in 2013 and also released 3kw, 5kw compact models for the purpose of applications at the offi ces and shops boosted by the positive response from consumers by performing the government-led start-up technology growth projects in 2014.
Osteam’s steam warm air furnaces is a complex heating system that uses overheated steam, unlike other products that adopt a air heating method. Superheating steam creates high latent heat and transfers that heat to the air. By transferring and circulating the warm air into the atmosphere, the company can save energy and resources up to 50%. In addition, its system is expected to keep potential operators’ atmosphere moist and antiseptic during the cycle of cold and dry weather. Moreover, the system has sterilization eff ects that will help prevent asthma.
Now Osteam is preparing a variety of products usable at home. At the time when the necessity of high-effi ciency eco-friendly products grows due to environmental pollution and resources depletion, the company strives always to develop and supply the products suiting the needs of customers. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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