https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1707M17] Hado is a representative exporting company that provides diff erent kinds of top-entry mixers, side-entry mixers, portable mixers, line mixers and static mixers. All of its main products are basically designed for use in mixing materials in the industries of food, chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, pulp, mining, oil, power generation and wastewater treatment.
Among those mixers, its multi-s mixer series allows for safer and easier removal of mechanical seals, providing more effi cient handling. The series is gaining att ention among the industry thanks to its longest shaft, largest motor power, and durable running life.
Hado also off ers a full spectrum of impellers for various applications. Adopting various new measuring techniques, fl ow visualizing methods and advanced CAE methods, the fi rm thus upgraded the reliability, functionality and safety of the mixers. Built with hi-tech and know-how accumulated over a long time, the company’s fi nest quality mixers are ideal for the demanding clients who require top quality practicality, design, reasonable prices, and quality.
Established with the founding mott o of becoming a promising vendor of chemical apparatus machinery in 1977, Hado is currently looking at promising markets such as the EU, the U.S.A, the Middle East, Asia, etc., to become a full-fl edged vendor in the fi eld, while strengthening its existing market leadership in overseas markets in China, India, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Poland, etc.

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