Submersible Aerators[INQ. NO. 1707M03] KiSAN Machinery has been growing as a company that manufactures professional submersible devices with a global-level competitive edge based on perpetual challenges and unstinted investment in development of new technology since its establishment in 1996.
Submersible aerators from KiSAN Machinery are composed of a submerged motor mounted with a reducer, an impeller, a casing and an air-blow rotor. It miniaturizes bubbles with the high-tech action of a water current by combining ideal circulation inside a tank by using a water current and the air-blow system.
Water is sucked down and discharged from top to bottom. It becomes a current spread as an almost horizontal radial shape from an air blow hole. The purpose of aeration is oxygen movement and mixed stirring. However, stirring performance is also excellent since a water current spread as a radial shape in the bottom of a tank can severely fluidize the bottom of a tank where precipitation occurs easily.
This product is for both stirring and aeration and used to treat denitrification and phosphate. It can deliver oxygen very effectively thanks to its high-efficiency design. It is easy to control the oxygen supply by increasing or on-off controlling the amount of air supply. It is used for aeration of septic tanks in sewage & waste water treatment plants and industrial factories. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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