Light Commercial Electric Truck (PEACE)[INQ. NO. 1707M28] At the Seoul Motor Show, the electric truck PEACE was also introduced by Power Plaza, which advanced into the eco-friendly electric vehicle business as a next-generation growth industry in 2007. It succeeded in remodeling light commercial vehicles (0.5 ton, 1 ton) into electric vehicles in 2009.

Power Plaza developed a power pack structure by integrating the battery and inverter for PEACE and used an optimized design and light material, glass fiber, for its structure and secured the best stability by passing various tests.

Its maximum output is 26kW, maximum torque, 108Nm and loading weight, up to 500 kg. Also, it has a 17.8kWh lithium ion battery with 72 km of driving range on a single charge. The driving range, when nothing is loaded, can stretch up to about 100 km on a single charge and it lasts approximately four hours when fully charged.

Warranties for battery, drive motor and inverter last for up to 7 years or 150,000 km. Power Plaza provides lifetime service for EV components such as OBC, PDU, LDC, BMS, dashboard module, etc.

PEACE, unlike other electric vehicles, is equipped with manual transmission in consideration of climbing capacity and energy efficiency. When driving, the gear transmission is just like engine-operated cars and the safe driving speed is 80 km. PEACE is registered on the “Korea Online E-procurement System” for stable supply to public institutions.


<Performance & Specification of ‘0.5Ton PEACE`>

Performance    Range [km]    72
   Maximum Speed [km/h]    95
Specifications    Length [mm]    3,495
   Width [mm]    1,400
   Height [mm]    1,800
   Wheelbase [mm]    1,840
   Weight(kg)    830
Motor    Type    Induction motor
   Maximum Output [kW]    26
   Maximum Torque [Nm]    108
Battery    Type    Lithium-ion
   Capacity [kWh]    17.8
   Charging Time [h]    4
Other    Heating System    PTC Heater
   Loading Weight [kg]    500 | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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