IONIQ Hybrid

Efficiently combining the driving power of a gasoline engine and an electric motor

[INQ. NO. 1707M29] IONIQ is where the future of mobility begins. With the world’s first line-up of hybrid, all-electric and plug-in hybrid variants, IONIQ brings you an all-new energy experience that matches your lifestyle.
Since the release of the 2016 IONIQ Hybrid and Electric, over 10,000 drivers have pioneered changes in daily living through the innovative energy of their IONIQs. Drive the IONIQ of your choice today, whether Hybrid, Electric, or Plug-in Hybrid, and experience a new lifestyle—the kind only electric energy, not a traditional internal combustion engine, offers.

IONIQ Hybrid travels 1,000km on a single tank

Efficiently combining the driving power of a gasoline engine and an electric motor, the hybrid model is equipped with an easily accessible next-generation powertrain. Not only highly efficient, the IONIQ Hybrid also provides sporty driving sensibilities through a multi-link suspension system and hybrid-specialized DCT. Relax and enjoy the thrill of dynamic driving blended with the impressive efficiency of electric energy.

The headlining for the rear seats has been improved for more spacious and comfortable seating. What’s more, the use of eco-friendly materials for the headlining, door trim panels, and other parts not only creates pleasing surfaces and textures, but also reduces unpleasant odors from the interior, creating a pure and clean experience.

The auxiliary battery has been removed and integrated into the high-voltage lithium-ion battery, creating more trunk space. Plus, the folding rear seatbacks allow multiple larger items such as a bicycle or a stroller to be stowed, making life more convenient.

IONIQ’s sleek exterior, coupled with an active air flap system, wheel air curtains, and other aerodynamic features, results in high fuel efficiency. Plus, the ECO-DAS system and the Driver Only climate control zone optimize energy use.

– Active Air Flap (external type): Through intelligent control of the air that flows into the radiator grille, the active air flap minimizes drag, while enhancing aerodynamics and fuel efficiency.
– 15-Inch Two-Tone Aero Wheel Covers & Michelin Tires: IONIQ’s low rolling resistance tires, specially designed in collaboration with Michelin, the global leader in tire technology, minimize running resistance and enhance fuel efficiency.
– Driver Only Climate Control: This allows control over the HVAC system for the driver’s seat only, reducing unnecessary fuel consumption and enhancing fuel efficiency.
– ECO-DAS (Driving Assistant System): Once the navigation system loaded with high-precision map data predicts a traffic slowdown, ECO-DAS informs the driver when to release the accelerator, thereby helping reduce unnecessary fuel consumption. Moreover, by predicting uphill and downhill slopes and by pre-charging or pre-discharging the battery accordingly, ECO-DAS maximizes battery use.

The low center of gravity design makes for stable driving, just as the multi-link rear suspension system enables the driver to enjoy dynamic handling. Experience the joy of next-generation driving delivered by our dedicated hybrid engine (Kappa 1.6 GDi) and DCT as well as the electric motor.

Multi-Link Rear Suspension System
The low center of gravity body, along with the multi-link rear suspension system, allows for stable and quick handling even around sharp corners, in addition to a stable ride and good traction on rough roads.

Dedicated Hybrid DCT
Optimized for the attributes of the engine and electric motor, our dedicated hybrid DCT has been newly developed to maximize the joy of driving while improving fuel efficiency through its characteristic quick shifting. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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