Battery Management System[INQ. NO. 1708M12] MS Tech Co., Ltd. specializes in producing mold press parts. It has produced precise progressive molds, manufactured press parts, barrels and performed laser welding. With unification manufacturing system, it has the competitive edge in both the price and quality. Since its establishment in 2000, MS Tech has gained a variety of experiences on mold development and production. MS Tech has manufactured parts of electron gun, MGT, cell phone, earphone, flash light, 2nd battery, car battery, car seal note pad and more.
Among the company’s notable items, BMS (Battery Management System) is a product that maintains optimal condition for batteries by continuous monitoring, and includes measurements for precise battery level, forecast in replacement time, and pre-detection of malfunctioning batteries. The BMS can be used in effective management of efficiency and safety of secondary batteries in electric vehicles, e-bikes, and ESS (Energy Storage Systems). MS Tech will expand its range of automobile instruments by producing BMS cases, activating distribution of automobile components, and continuous production activities.
Since its establishment in 2000, MS Tech has walked the road of challenges with creative innovation and continuous development, strengthening its competitiveness by developing a talented group of human resources with the best techniques and creativity who produce high-tech and credible products. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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