Connector Housings[INQ. NO. 1708M13] Daemyoung Co., Ltd. has been developing and manufacturing precision injection mold and injection molding products with all its capacities since 1988, and is growing as a global manufacturer of the world’s best quality parts with these core technologies.
Based on development of domestic electronic and automobile parts, Daemyoung Precision supplies connector molding and parts to the Eastern European market, and by tapping into new markets such as North America through eco-friendly parts development for automobiles and semiconductor equipment, it is growing by preparing for customer diversification and the future through exportation.
Daemyoung’s various kinds of non-waterproof connector housings are used for parts that do not need to be waterproof inside a vehicle. They are connector housings that are used to connect different wiring harnesses.
Daemyoung’s waterproof connector housing is used for parts that require waterproofing outside a vehicle, such as engine room and door, etc. It is developed to unite harnesses with solidarity. The company’s junction block housing is a case that loads fuses, relays, and units for circuit connection. The case has a structure that distributes electricity of battery and generator to electronic and electric systems of the whole vehicle. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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