https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1708M14] SamMyung Machine Ind. Co., Ltd. has since 1979 developed, manufactured, and supplied a wide range of automotive radiator, inter cooler(or charge air cooler) and oil cooler. As the result of focusing on research and development to manufacture products of automobile heat exchangers, SamMyung is a promising export SME which has the best technical skills in the country and can produce automotive heat exchangers like radiators, charge air coolers and oil coolers, etc.
SamMyung has made utmost efforts to grow as a specialist with its incomparable technical and manufacturing facilities. SamMyung plans to increase production competitiveness and maximize the customers’ profits with high quality, reasonable prices, timely delivery and advanced technique to ensure a bright future for the customers and themselves. Its major customers are Hyundai/Kia Motor and HVCC(Hanon Systems). And the company is also exporting radiators with its brand name, SORICS.
SamMyung’s radiators are highly recognized, with proven know-how and skills for Nokolok Brazing Furnace. Their B-type welding tubes get better durability and performance. Also they have an excellent radiating. Inter coolers significantly increase performance resulting in high engine power, low fuel use and have improved emissions control.
SamMyung has continued to improve the capacity of the most compact combustion engine with heat conductivity and excellent durability. Its oil coolers have excellent transmission cooling and radiating. They can be applied to all kinds of passengers cars and commercial vehicles.

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