Diesel Engines for Marine Propulsion, Generator, Industrial and Agricultural Applications

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryHyundai Machinery Ind. Co., Ltd. was established in March 1996, for manufacturing diesel engines for marine propulsion, generators, and industrial and agricultural applications with comprehensive manufacturing equipment. For overseas market development, the company aims to locate reputable businessmen to cope with the rapidly changing market environment and to provide even better service. The company works with a lot of flexibility based on each product line.
For customer satisfaction, the company has been reorganized for better administration and continuous quality improvement. Also, newly formed business lines are consisted of experienced staff s in business, R&D, A/S and outsourcing, etc. So far, the company has exported its engines to about 36 countries. It intends to become a worldclass manufacturer of marine and industrial diesel engines that are cost-effective and environment-friendly.

The Best Quality, the Best Technology, Economical and Easy to Operate

Hyundai Machinery Ind. produces a total of five types of marine propulsion diesel engines, ranging from 40 horsepower to 550 horsepower. These engines are used for propulsion of fishing boats, cargo boats, passenger vessels, excursion ships, etc. The company manufactures these engines after obtaining approval from the Korea Ship Safety & Technology Authority (KST) for selling them in the domestic market and exporting them.
The company manufactures marine and land generator sets as well. There are also five sets with 30KW to 324KW range. These engines are for generating electricity for vessel construction sites and industries. The customers use these generators for power supply as well as emergency power source in case of blackouts, in addition to their other applications for agricultural and industrial purposes.
Hyundai Machinery Ind. manufactures a total of eight types of diesel engines for agricultural and industrial purposes. Their capacities range from 53 to 500 horsepower. They are also used for various commercial purposes as well as other multipurposes. They can function as an emergency power source with high performance and low energyconsumption.

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