Heat-Resistant Steel Casting

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryYS Special Steel was established in October 1989, under the name of Chunheung Casting Co., Ltd. And on August 1, 1997, the name of the company was changed to YS Special Steel along with its production items from FC to carbon steel and stainless steel. Currently, it casts mainly special steel to make machine parts, valve, pump, heat resistance castings, Recently, YS Special Steel has been exporting heatresistant steel, manganese steel and chrome steel to Japan, which are products used for heat-treating furnaces, incinerators, continuous casting facilities at steel plants and mills. Main customers in Japan include JMC, KURIMOTO and FUJICAR. The company has been implementing a management policy which targets quality first, customer satisfaction first, maximizing productivity and right reward and punishment to build a system for zero defect, 100% on-time delivery, no change in technicians through 365 days, as well as a 100% accident-free record.
As of 2016, R&D investment was 6.8% with export ratio up to 26% compared with total sales. In particular, the company has completed a confidential agreement and vendor registration with “company”, which is a North American plant company with 150 years of tradition, in the process of R&D business under overseas purchase conditions. In fact, the company is focusing on R&BD (Research & Business Development) with advanced countries and domestic conglomerates, instead of mere R&D, to be able to commercialize the advanced technology in the real market. Through a stable IP R&D roadmap, the company excludes development of overlapping technologies and focuses on becoming a base material core company.


Heat-Resistant Steel Casting

YS Special Steel produced heat-resistant steel to meet various purposes as it has corrosion resistance, hardness, breaking strength and low inextensional deformation at high temperature. The company has delivered heat-resistant steel to Kurimoto, Samsung-ENG, JMC in the form of grate bars, grate plates, end blocks, scrapers, liner blocks, etc.

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