Micro Gas Turbine Engine Test Cell

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryEGT Co., Ltd. has been highly aimed at the development of RADEMS (Reliability, Availability, Durability & Economical Solutions) for all propulsion systems since it was established in 2006. The company can thus provide reliable products and services in the field of energy system, gas turbine and turbo machinery, and optimal maintenance decision support systems, based on its professional knowledge and experience in a wide range of gas turbine engines and turbo machinery.
The company’s MGET (Micro Gas turbine Engine Test cell) is an order-based customizing test device for experimental and educational purposes, manufactured to help understand the operating principles of gas turbine engines and perform ground performance tests directly and provide various functions.
This device supports ground steady-state performance test & simulation for various purposes. This is an all-in-one self-contained modular cell type test equipment considering safety and mobility. This provides comprehensive opportunity for learning operation principles of gas turbine engines. This supports the installation of various types of turbine engines (turbojet, turboshaft, etc.). It has economical test capability, compared to existing medium/large test equipment.

EMAS (Easy Maintenance Assistant Solution)

EMAS is a maintenance-decision support system, developed for the optimization of operating costs and maintenance of industrial gas turbines to provide various functions. This system supports the real-time online performance condition monitoring the gas turbine components. It consists of five different modules such as GT condition, operating report, maintenance assistance information, GT performance analysis and optimal wash interval.
This system ensures model-based thermodynamic performance trend analysis and diagnostics for main components of gas turbine. The optimized online/offline compressor washing and overhaul maintenance prediction are available with the economic assessment. The condition monitoring of combustion with the blade path temperature analysis is possible. This system provides the alarm and management of each event occurrence. This system supports user friendly interface and supports smart devices, based on the IoT environment.

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