Exporting Used Buses and Used Bus Parts

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryUBE Motors Co., Ltd. is an export company specialized in exporting used buses and used bus parts. As the No.1 supplier of used buses since 2015, it has been working with numerous buyers from 16 countries around the world. The company leads exports in the rapidly changing market, informing the world of the excellent quality of Korean used buses and used parts, searching for vehicles that buyers want, and making information transparently available to potential buyers through photographs and videos.
UBE Motors has faced many challenges and changes in the past. However, it has overcome many challenges with its accumulated know-how, varied experience and many networks in this market. These are the company’s most valuable assets and competitive advantages. Korea’s used buses have gained huge popularity in Pan-Asia, like the Philippines, Thailand, Mongolia and Myanmar for their high quality and competitive prices. The company is looking forward to exporting to Africa, Central and South America, like Nigeria, Sudan, Chile and Costa Rica.


Hyundai New Aero Hi-Class, Hyundai Universe Noble and Hyundai New SuperAerocity 540

This is a 2006 year model of New Aero Hi-Class manufactured by Hyundai. The overall color, yellowish green, provides a unique image, compared with existing buses. It has 410 horsepower and comes with a total of 46 seats including the driver’s seat and the assistant’s seat. It is measured at 12,050 mm in length, 2,490 mm for width and 3,415 mm for height.

This is a 2009 year model of Universe Noble by Hyundai. The bus has very bright and stylish internal lighting. It has been painted in two tones, black and white, which gives a simple and clean image. It has 425 horsepower and comes with a total of 42 seats including the driver’s. It is measured at 12,000 mm in length, 2,495 mm for width and 3,490 mm for height.
This is a 2007 year model of New Super-Aerocity 540. The colors come in two tones, ivory and green. It has 280 horsepower and a total of 27 seats including the driver’s. There are two doors for this model. It is measured at 10,915 mm in length, 2,490 mm for width and 3,175 mm in height.


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