Sintered Rings, Sintered Vents Sintered Metal Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in sintered parts, located in South Korea. The company was established in 2000, with its headquarters located in Yangsan and sales office in Cheonan. Its main products include automobile parts and special parts such as sintered rings, sintered vents and MnS powder. Its clients include Delphi Korea, Bosch, Gyeyang Electric, and many others.
The company is continually striving to meet and exceed its customers’ expectations through innovating its systems and processes with production of advanced materials and superior parts. It will concentrate on investing in research and development in order to create new demands, to make the best quality parts and to give technical services for its customers.


Specialization in Sintered Rings

Sintered rings are unique self-lubricating rails for high speed rotating travelers to wind diverse yarn on bobbins for spinning and twisting. These are made by Daeyoung’s proprietary powder metallurgical technology to guarantee excellent quality and highly efficient production of yarn.
In the initial start-up, one can use high-performance sintered rings more effectively when carrying out warmingup operations for excellent fitting of the sliding surface between the ring and the traveler. The inside surfaces can be wiped with a soft and clean cloth to prevent yarn stain before applying ring oil.

Specialization in Sintered Vents

Sintered vents are unique venting plugs with a large number of straight, parallel and uniform pores made by Daeyoung’s proprietary powder metallurgical technology.
Their characteristics include high venting efficiency, longlasting durability, reduction of casting defects, high casting productivity, etc. First, their porosity rates are 5-30 times higher than ordinary venting plugs. And they work with thin products with high thermal conductivity and rust prevention. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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