Powder Metallurgy Parts

https://korean-machinery.com///inquirySince its establishment in 1997, Twohyun Powder Metallurgy Co., Ltd. has been running its business with its own management philosophy, 3G, which represents “Good thought, Good products and Good company.” In other words, it means good thought makes good products and good company. All the staff s of Twohyun do their best to make good products, ensuring a good company.
Twohyun is specialized in manufacturing various sintering parts that are made by powder metallurgy technology, including machinery parts, automotive parts, home appliances and industrial equipment related parts. To meet the cutting-edge technology and next-generation industry trend, Twohyun is committed to ceaseless investment in advanced facilities, development of new technology and diversification of new business, leading the Korean parts industry with differentiated strategies.
Twohyun is now stepping up its powder metallurgy business following the introduction of state-of-the-art facilities. Based on its accumulated know-how, rich experience and ceaseless R&D, the company has committed itself to providing the best-quality products for automotive equipment, industrial equipment, electronic appliances and mobile products.


Advantages and Applications of Powder Metallurgy

As for the advantages of powder metallurgy, fast and massive production of same shapes is available. And it is relatively easy to manufacture sophisticated and irregular shapes of products, which are hard to process mechanically. Moreover, it is economical by saving mechanical processing time as well as loss of raw materials. Its abrasion resistance is excellent due to lubricants and oil immersed into the products, and it has excellent purity, precision and surface roughness. Lastly, manufacturing durable and high quality products is possible by applying various treatments such as carburization, infiltration, heat treatment, coating, etc.

Powder metallurgy products are mainly used for parts of finished products and/or equipment, as parts are becoming more popular than independently used products, and powder metallurgy is applied to various types of products and equipment.
Twohyun now explores new applicable fields for powder metallurgy as an economical way of manufacturing, and propels the commercialization of newly developed products. More than 10% of automotive parts and about 40% of engine parts are powder metallurgy products. Every product of Twohyun is manufactured according to the customer’s order.

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