A Leading Global Snowmaker

https://korean-machinery.com///inquirySnowTech Co., Ltd. developed and localized a snowmaker with its own technology for the first time in Korea. Since 2000, Snowtech has been developing its ‘snow business.’ The company is recognized for its technological capability and strong business expertise.
Snow Tech’s all-season snowmaking machine (model: Ice Magic) makes real snow at room temperature. The snowmaker can come in handy in snow events, indoor skiing (snow sled sites) centers, ice rinks, snowboarding competitions in cities, shootings with special snow effects, snow-related tests among others. Its raw materials are harmless to humans and the environment because they make snow using standard ice. Snow making is possible at any time regardless of the freezing point.
The machine can be easily changed into a caster-wheel type. Using a hose, you can make snow at any location. The machine can work using only a power (380V / 3-phase) connection without additional facilities.
All-weather snowmaker SnowStarMagic Snow produces all kinds of real snow like natural snow regardless of temperature in both external and internal spaces. This model is exported to many countries in warm areas where snow cannot be seen because the model can make snow regardless of outside temperature. This snowmaker is used to make snow in the Snowy Dessert Café in Singapore and Malaysia, Snowing Spa (Sauna) in Shanghai and in Manila’s White Christmas in a big Philippine shopping mall. The key word of this machine is ‘really cold snow in the city’s downtown.’

Snow Pop is a multifunctional mini-snowmaker that can make snow in winter, remove fine dust in spring and autumn, and bring about cooling efects in summer with a mist function. Anyone can easily make snow with this machine, as it is so simple to operate. This model can be conveniently moved to different locations and can make snow at any places thanks to its small size. You can make and use snow in any place, such as homes, pensions, camping sites, downtowns, commercial spaces, kindergartens and sites for snowrelated activities and other snow projects. Snow Pop removes fine dust in spring, and provides cooling effects in summer with a mist function in addition to making snow in winter. This model can be powered by general electricity (220V and single phase) at home. It is possible to supply water to the machine by linking the machine to a faucet.


Breaking Down Prejudice about Temperature and Space in Snowmaking

SnowTech has been developing creative snowmaking techniques. Snowmaking was previously limited to within the boundaries of winter/mountains. But Snowtech has been focusing on developing snowmaking technology that can expand the boundaries to the four seasons / downtown areas by eradicating preconceived ideas about temperature and space. As a result of such research and development, SnowTech is taking the lead in competitive snowmaking technology in the global market by developing four-season snowmaker and making real snow throughout the four seasons at normal temperatures.

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