Control Valves its establishment in 2002, VIV International has been providing total engineering solutions to power plant and industrial facilities as a field-oriented professional company. In the field of industrial valves, it designs, manufactures and supplies control valves that are used in severe conditions such as high temperature and high pressure, using advanced technology. In the field of nuclear power engineering, it provides engineering services such as design of nuclear power generation facilities, evaluation of nuclear safety class equipment, design and manufacture of various test facilities, design and manufacture of radioactive waste disposal facilities, and decommissioning of nuclear reactor facilities.
VIV is a field-oriented technology service company, performing design, manufacture, installation and safety evaluation for power facilities based on experience and technology accumulated over 30 years in the nuclear industry. VIV is the only company in Korea that is capable of designing, manufacturing and supplying all pressure class control valves. It exports VIV technology of high quality and high value added control valves, thereby promoting the government’s export program.


Control Valve for Severe Services

Valves produced by VIV are used to precisely control high temperature (over 130°C), high pressure (over 1,000kPa) or high diff erential pressure (over 500kPa) in industrial facilities like power plants, petrochemical plants, steel mill plants, etc.
The control valve functions as a power drive actuator for changing the fl ow rate of fluid in a process control system of an industrial facility, depending on the signal of the control system and the valve connected to the actuator that can change the position of the fl ow-control element in the valve.
It must meet valve performance requirements such as pressure, leakage, noise and control in highpressure conditions (over 25MPa) with accurate response characteristics, high credibility and durability.
VIV owns original technology and patents for the design and manufacture of high temperature and high pressure control valves, in addition to no-leak control valves for steam and gas plants. Other technologies include anti-noise, anti-vibration, anti-cavitation, anti-hammering, low erosion, precise control, long-term lifespan and low LCC (Life Cycle Cost). | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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