Water and Sewage Products

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryEstablished in 1996, Mirae Industry manufactures a variety of water and sewage products, and construction materials. The maker holds more than 70 patents and certifications. To respond to the rapidly changing environment, Mirae Industry set its aim to be a leading company in the field with a new growth strategy and an efficient management system.
The company’s new product Grease Trap is a device that filters FOG (Fat, Oil, and Grease) discharged from restaurants and kitchens. When the wastewater produced in the food treatment process passes through this Grease Trap, it separates the grease using buoyancy created by the difference in oil and water density.
The air-intake hole in the cover facilitates the flow and separation of running water. The user can adjust the airintake amount according to the circumstances. The sight glass on the cover helps the user to know when to separate the FOG, which prevents overflowing. Locking levers on the edge of the cover ensure the cover is fixed strongly on the body. The cover is detachable using the levers. Inside the cover, there is rubber ring attached. It blocks the occurrence of inner gas and removes odors from the product. The filter in front of the outlet strains the debris like food waste.
With corrugated rubber packing at the inlet and outlet, there is no leaking problem. Also it helps the builder to work in a simpler way. As all of the material is reinforced plastic, the product is strongly protected against impact and damages. Unlike stainless products, there is no corrosion and rust, and it is thus semi-permanent.
There are existing competitive products including the Height Adjustable Inspection Chamber, Height Adjustable Catch Basin, which all commonly called “manholes.” The two products’ appearances have round-shaped bodies. They can be located underground and are effectively designed to withstand any kinds of toil pressure. They permit height adjustment and can be easily connected to pipes with the help of watertight packing on both sides where water passes. Thus, they do not permit leakage of water at all.


Ceaseless, Stable Investment in R&D

The company has patents for nearly all products it invented. The company shows its strong performance through acquiring eco-friendly product certifi cations. And it was chosen as a technology innovation company.
The company conducts everything from product development, to molding manufacturing, injection molding, using only its own technologies and know-how accumulated over the past 20 years. The company is capable of swift testing and production of new products, and it is thus investing four percent of the yearly sales amount in R&D development.

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