Computerized Rhinestone Setting Machines Tech is the world’s first company to develop computerized Rhinestone setting machines. DS Tech is growing into a leading company with accumulated assets through technology innovation, and taking on new challenges with a pioneering spirit.
Unveiled in 2016, the rhinestone setting machine DS-400-6C was the result of the company’s own superior technology, and is since recognized as a top brand product in the overseas markets where related industries are growing. Over the past year, the company has successfully established sales networks in Europe and India and exported it to five nations – India, the USA, China, France, and Spain.
DS Tech’s computerized rhinestone setting machine DS-400-6C is designed to help you give your projects a customized, high-end look, improving your work efficiency. Developed with the advanced, leading-edge technology that DS Tech is known for, it is truly an incredible innovation in rhinestone setting machines – giving designers a whole new world of possibilities to make their own unique creations with a convenient and simple system.
DS-400-6C is an automatic machine to make rhinestone transfer motifs. It is available in six colors & sizes stone feeders per machine. It has an easy-to-load stone feeder system. It delivers extra-high setting speed of 600 stones. The user-friendly LCD graphic touch screen shows the setting process. Simplified buttons are available for easy operation. No air compressor is required. The stone feeder types available include the MC stone feeder, rhinestone feeder, stud feeder, and nailhead feeder. The DS-400-6C has easy-to-use and versatile stone feeders which have the unique ability to set various sizes of rhinestones, MC stones, studs and nailheads from size SS6- SS30 (2rr1m – 6mm). The one-touch, set stone feeder system is the biggest timesaver, and ultra-high speed allows you to bring your creative ideas to life quickly. High-quality design was adopted with closely spaced stones (minimum 0.2). For ease of changing stones, it offers a convenient and simple system.

Expanding International Partnerships

The CEO explains, “DS-Tech has been developing new rhinestone setting machines over a five-year period. Eventually, we’ve developed a new one which can be used by all people working in rhinestone decoration and the embroidery industry. Over five-years continued efforts resulted in the DS400-6C, which has made up for the weaknesses of the older models. It already gave us an excellent reputation in domestic market. Now, to become a major manufacturer and supplier, we will expand our international partnerships.” “We will reward customers’ support by realizing customer satisfaction through all-time top-quality and service, ceaseless new product development, dedicated to growing with our customers,” he added. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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