Ceramic and Catalyst Products

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryIB Materials is the only company that possesses ceramic technology and catalyst technology simultaneously in Korea. The company is capable of manufacturing various products, such as ceramic products like SiC DPF, ceramic membrane filter and solid oxide fuel cell; catalyst products like cDPF, SCR and TWC; and other catalyst products for air purifiers, food preservers and factory gas purification.
The company has acquired many certifications such as EPA of the USA, VERT, not to mention IATF16949 for product quality assurance. In other words, it has the technical skills to match any environmental regulations from all over the world.


SiC DPF, TWC and Catalysts

SiC DPF of IB Materials is the bestquality filter with capability of porosity 50% over and high PM filtering rate 90% more and optimized to meet EURO V and VI regulations. It has various applications such as 100, 200 and 300 CPSI per 1-30 liters. SiC needs signifi cant technology because of expensive raw materials. IB Materials therefore strives to supply its customers with the best material in the field using SiC, the best product in the DPF industry. Even though carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions are low in the case of a diesel engine, it emits a large amount of nitrogen oxide and particulate matter. For this reason, the diesel engine has been regarded as the main cause of environmental pollution.

TWC (Three-Way Catalyst) is installed in WCC (Warming-up Catalytic Converter) and UCC (Underbody Catalytic Converter) and is guaranteed to be effective and competitive in the high reduction rating with fewer precious metals used. TWC is mainly used as a device for reducing exhaust gas in gasoline engines. The principle of purification is that gas, such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon and nitrogen oxides, is discharged from automobiles and gets purified by catalyst that contains precious metals into harmless carbon dioxide, water and nitrogen, using oxidation reduction reaction.

IB Materials has superior catalyst technology that can endure tough situations like sulfur dioxide poisoning and other toxics through development of substrate technology. IB Materials has developed distinguishing catalyst technology that improved early activation and durability, using precious metal control ability that applied the polymer colloid method.

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