A Wide Selection of Valves

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryEstablished in 1999, DAHEUNG ENG. has supplied quality valves at reasonable prices all over the world and to the domestic market under its brand name, KTOPVALVE. The company is equipped with comprehensive production system of steel casting, machining and assembly lines. It supplies a wide selection of valves all around the world. As a leader of the 21st century, it is proud of its accumulated know-how and innovative design led by its technical team.
DAHEUNG ENG. starts everything for the value of customers and speedily acquires the necessary external information and technology. First it supplies the best quality valves as it is continuously developing. It will establish 10 subsidiaries within 10 years and realize high quality service with this international network. Lastly, it will be a world class leader that will lead the global market.


Various Kinds of Valves with the Global Standards such as KS, JIS and ANSI

DAHEUNG ENG. is the only valve manufacturer that has been doing business with Mitsubishi Heavy Industry / Mitsui Shipbuilding / Mitsubishi Hitachi Power System / Japan Radio Co., Ltd. on a regular basis, with quality assurance and trust. With recognition that the customer is the owner, the company has always been based on research and development to accelerate innovation challenges for realization of customer satisfaction.

As for general valves, their material includes bronze, cast iron, ductile cast iron, cast steel and stainless steel. And their types range from gate, to globe, angle, ball, emergency shut off , hose globe, hose angle and swing check. General valves are used throughout vessels. There are unit valves for speed log, valves for boiler, valves for gas turbine, valves for engines and valves for LNG vessels.
As for control valves, their materials include ductile cast iron, cast steel and stainless steel. There are safety valves, pressure reducing valves, temperature control valves, etc.
This is a speed Doppler log for marine ships (unit valve).

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