Innovative Strawberry Planting System, meaning “Innovative Farming,” is a company that contributes to the industrialization of agriculture through the development of products that can improve the income of farmers by bringing convenience and efficiency for users.



This high-institution strawberry cultivation bench is a structure used for hydroponic cultivation in strawberry cultivation farms. It can save labor and is easy to construct while having excellent space utilization.
With its inverted triangular subsidence structure, it is safe as a sediment-control board installed in it disperses the support load across three parts. With a one-touch assembly structure, U HIGH BED reduces the installation time, labor intensity, and the construction cost by minimizing the use of unnecessary parts with the unicycle structure applied to the integral body. The load was analyzed before the product was designed in a safe supporting structure based on the 60kg load. U HIGH BED has undergone 100,000 tests by the government agency.



It is a system for strawberry cultivation and seedling that can be applied to the existing cultivation bench as a removable type for both cultivating the seedlings at the same time. It can also be used on the existing strawberry cultivation bench without installation. In addition, the rotating function and the removable structure are applied to improve the agricultural work performance and the work space utilization. Also applied are effective structure and shape to both cups for smooth water-supply during drip irrigation.



It is designed to prevent the breakage of berries, has a problem that when the strawberry grows, the extended fruit-stem comes into contact with the edge of the upper part of the bed, thus resulting in broken flower stalks due to the vertical load imposed. Installing U High Bed Wing on the side of the bed prevent this as well as smoothing the photosynthesis of the fruit and reduces the moisture caused by the leaves covering the fruits, thereby reducing labor and malformation. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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