Electric Actuators

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryEnertork Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of electric actuators in Korea. Since its establishment in 1987, it has been specializing in developing, producing and selling only one item, electric actuators. Not only being the foremost company within the domestic market for electric actuators, it also has many references in power plant fields and waterworks in Asia as well as the Middle East and the United States.
Through the years of accumulated technical skills, knowhow, variety in products and the differentiated customer service, the company will support clients’ cost-reduction and effective operation. It has acquired ISO9001 and CE, which are essential qualifications for manufacturers. It also has acquired FM, ATEX, TR-CU and PESO for explosion proofing as well as SIL certification for stability of its products. Its strengths lie in low cost, strong reliability and customized service for users.


TM-series, TQ-series and MW-series

TM-series are for multi-turn valves such as globe, gate valves, penstock and also for large quarter turn valves like butterfly, ball valves with 2nd worm reducer. Their major parts and components are easy to replace for troubleshooting and maintenance purposes. A wide range of voltages for motors (220-460VAC, 3-Phase, 50/60Hz) are ready for your selection. All the compartments of the TM-series are double-sealed with a pair of V-shaped rings & O-rings and have the flame path according to IEC standards to ensure complete protection from dust, moisture and flame.

TQ-series are for small quarter turn applications such as ball, butterfly, plug valves, dampers and similar usage. They feature light, compact and corrosion resistant aluminum alloy enclosure. They are doublesealed with V-shade ring and gasket to ensure waterproofing. They are smart type with non-intrusive setting tools.
MW-series are worm gearboxes used for butterfly, ball, plug valves and dampers. They feature high efficiency and long lifespan. They have adopted the international flange standard, EN ISO 5211.

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