Total Solution for Aluminum Access Floor System its beginning in the mold business, the business scope of Kwangnam GSK has expanded to include aluminum die-casting, high-pressure die-casting, escalator steps, moving walk pallets, semiconductors, displays and clean room access floors. It is contributing to the economic development of Korea as a supplier of construction materials, automotive parts, electronics, escalators, moving walk parts, mechanical parts and military supplies.
The strength of Kwangnam GSK lies in its integrated system, which encompasses all processes, from design to mass production. The resulting cost reduction and quality consistency, along with its exclusive 2,800tons full size die-casting equipment, make Kwangnam GSK one of Korea’s very best in the fields of die-casting and aluminum access floors. It is the developer of the world’s lightest aluminum access floor and the world’s first integrated aluminum access floor.


Aluminum Access Floor

Access floor refers to floors that are installed 10-30 cm above the existing floors of electric, machine, semiconductor handling rooms and offices. Due to its height, various electric and communication wires may be installed in-between the floors without extra installation of pipes and wire trays. Also, for rooms that are highly sensitive to temperature- and humidity-change such as rooms handling electric equipment and semiconductor equipment, air conditioning systems may be easily installed in-between the floors with installation of additional ducts.
Aluminum access floors, despite their superior rigidity and product merits, were limited to ultra-high-end offices and high-tech buildings where advanced load management, dust prevention, soundproofing and antistatic property are required (e.g. semiconductor plants) due to their price, which is three to five times higher than that of access floors made from steel, wood, and plastic. The design of the panel bottom effectively disperses load concentrations. Increased load resistance from weight and impact distribution gives the product a semi-permanent lifespan.


Used Diecasting Machinery

Kwangnam GSK now sells such competitive used diecasting machinery as second-hand cold chambers, and high pressure casting m/c. These products having 1,250tons in pressure capacity are manufactured by Japan-based UBE. These products ware overhauled in 2008 in South Korea and can be automatically operated. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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