Alternator Regulators and Rectifiers Electric Inc. manufactures quality regulators and rectifiers for any application of running vehicles through perfect understanding of the charging system. It has experience in manufacturing alternator regulators and rectifiers for automotive use for 20 years as an OE company in Korea. Genon has obtained a certification for ISO-TS16949 in 2012. Now Genon’s share of the Korean A/S market is around 75%.
Genon is exporting parts for alternators and starters to around 40 countries. It specializes in manufacturing and exporting of various kinds of alternator regulators (Korea, Japan, USA, EU cars) to Japan and the USA. It offers a two-year warranty for all of its products.


Exporting Parts of Alternator and Starter to around 40 Countries

Alternator regulators apply for 12V and 24V charging systems with a wide range of operating temperature, from -45 to +135°C self-compensating thermal circuits with custom-setting voltage as well as custom package designs are available. They are multi-functional with HIC & ASVR types, including LRC function, fault warning and protection.
Alternator rectifiers also apply for 12V and 24V charging systems with press-fit type zener diode. Alternator die cast and extrusion type heat sink are available with welded connection to stator wire.
Genon produce test systems for alternator regulators and rectifiers as well. The test systems for alternator regulators are classified into mono- and multi-function regulator test systems. They have a gauge analysis tool and a process capability analysis tool. Also they are equipped with complex system dut board and kelbin matrix board.
The test system for alternator rectifiers is the ASM test system. Zener and avalanche type diode tests are available with programmable super power and V/I source. Testing takes only six seconds typically. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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