Industrial Diesel Engine and Diesel Generator Sets Engine & Generators Co., Ltd. is a rapidly growing manufacturer of industrial diesel engine and diesel generator sets in South Korea. The company has international certifications such as ISO 9001 and the European CE-mark with Hyundai Motor Company official distributorship. It supplies good quality industrial diesel engines and special purpose vehicles also with confidence and honor in the brand name.
The company has been exporting its products to countries and areas with extremely hot climatic conditions such as sand storms, like Saudi Arabia, Jordan, UAE, Iran and African countries for more than a decade. It can supply custom-made engine related products for customers who have special needs through R&D and engineering services. It has accumulated a plenty of experience and technical know-how in this field since its establishment in 1998.


Diesel Generator Sets & Power Take-offUnit for Irrigation

Diesel generators are a combination of generators (often alternators) and diesel engines that generate electrical energy. This is a special case of an engine generator. Diesel compression ignition engines are often designed to run on heavy oil, but some types are suitable for other liquid fuels or natural gas. Its diesel generators output electricity power ranges are from 15kW/50Hz to 3000kW/50Hz. Alternative frequencies range from 8kW to 2400kW/60Hz.
Diesel engine driven power take-offunits for agriculture irrigation equipment extracts the power of the diesel engine and transmits engine power through the PTO clutch, an apparatus for driving a winch or an elevator agricultural pump. Its applications are as follows: For extra light duty, there are irrigation water pumps, centrifugal pumps and hydro pumps. Ski resort cableway, sightseeing gondola, ropeway and elevator use light duty. Medium duty is available for agitators, centrifugal blowers, compressors, conveyor and mixers. As for heavy duty, there are cranes & hoists, wood chippers, ore & stone crushers and mills.
One of the structural characteristics of the diesel engine is the compression ignition system in the combustion chamber compared with a gasoline engine without spark plugs. This engine consists of fuel injection pumps with a compressed fuel injector nozzle. It is the most different thing compared with a gasoline engine. The applications of diesel engines include commercial buses and trucks, construction equipment, special purpose vehicles, various kinds of power take-offunits for agriculture, fishing and military-purpose transport equipment. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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