Automotive Transmission, Engine and Axle Module Parts Industry manufactures and supplies automotive transmission, engine and axle module parts to Korean transmission manufacturers such as HyundaiPowertech, Hyundai-Dymos and Hyundai-Wia. As proof of its quality level for the international marketplace, all passenger and commercial vehicles manufactured by the Hyundai/Kia Motors Group have Shinpyung’s products installed in their vehicles.
With more than 170 employees and engineers, it pursues outstanding productivity and completive pricing with its various precise machining tools such as CNC machine, broaching and grinding machines.
By using various measurement devices such as the 3D measuring machine, it can guarantee quality and customer satisfaction.
It has established an R&D facility in order to advance its automotive manufacturing technology and perform continuous research and development for automotive parts.
Having obtained the ISO9002/QS9000 and ISO/TS16949 certifications, it is developing as a major international automotive parts manufacturer. Customer satisfaction is its first priority and Shinpyung Industry is committed to becoming an internationally recognized company.


Diff Case, Carrier Cup and Gears

Diff-case is housing for differential gears that are made of cold precision forging and machining. Differential case assembly is assembled of differential gears (2 or 4), combined or separated type of Diff. Case and shaft.
Carrier cup is an auto transmission part for 6- and 8-speed.
Gears are auto transmission parts for for 6- and 8-speed as well. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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