Hollow-sintered Camshaft (Assembled)


Automobile Parts


Following SECO’s unwavering success in the automotive industry since its founding in 1966, SEOJIN CAM was established in 1999 with a desire to develop the highestquality camshaft, which is essentially the core of an efficient automobile engine.
SEOJIN CAM has continuously strived to develop a camshaft that will function in perfect harmony with the most lightweight, fuel-efficient, and environmentally friendly automobile engines delivering maximum performance and high-grade efficiency.
SEOJIN CAM’s invention and perfection of hollowsintered camshafts have revolutionized traditional methods of camshaft manufacture and boosted the company into becoming one of the leaders of the automotive industry. SEOJIN CAM has invested and focused much of its efforts on fostering of innovative techniques, advanced construction methods, and the latest in research and development, going above and beyond implementation of basic improvements in process and quality.
SEOJIN CAM boasts one of the highest levels of customer satisfaction, leading the market in innovative product design and maximum product quality.


Hollow-sintered Camshafts

Hollow camshaft applied the sintering method produced by SEOJIN CAM is made of a special blend powder metal. It is assembled with an end-piece fitted onto the hollow pipe and manufactured by sintering process. SEOJIN CAM is a camshaft that enables weight reduction by 30-50% compared with other camshafts that are filled with iron cast in pipes.
Utilization of a hollow camshaft applying the sintering method is expected to be continually increased as the importance of engine weight lightening for improving fuel efficiency is being emphasized.
There are three types of camshafts, namely, for gasoline engines, diesel engines and commercial engines.

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