Centrifugal Hydroextractor, Sludge Thickening Centrifuge and Three-Phase Separator

https://korean-machinery.com///inquirySongpo Hightech Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997. The president of Songpo, Yong Jin-gu, used to be an engineer. The company is a manufacturer of centrifugal hydroextractors, sludge thickening centrifuges and three phase separators and is currently located in the Sihwa Industrial Complex.


Centrifugal Hydroextractor, Centrifugal Thickening & Three-Phase Separator

Centrifugal hydroextractor is a machine that dehydrates the concentrated sludge by centrifugal force. Types of centrifuges are horizontal and continuous, vertical and continuous, and vertical and bathing. A dehydrator called a decanter is used for dehydration of sludge. The decanter is composed of a cone cylinder body that revolves around the horizontal axis and the screw conveyor.
Separated liquid overflows the outlet because sludge provided into the body moves to the inner wall and is carried by a screw that revolves slightly differently from the body and is discharged outside. It needs to add a coagulant to improve the particle removal rate. The percentage of liquid holdup of dehydrated sludge is 60-85% depending on types of dehydration, load, characteristics of sludge and coagulants.
A decanter centrifuge has less harmful elements to the environment than other centrifuges and operates stably without a need for an operator’s careful attention. Ninety percent or more solids of low-density surplus sludge can be removed without a coagulant and its processing ability can be boosted with a small amount of coagulant. The density of emissions can be adjusted between 1% and 10%. In addition, it has a speed adjustment function that makes a concentration of the same density emit continuously against the change of inlet sludge density by adjusting the inner screw speed automatically.
The three-phase separator separates liquid and solid sludge at once so it is applicable to three-phase separators for waste food, three phase separation of crude oil sludge, three-phase separation of ground fuel waste and threephase separation of fauna and flora.

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