Silicon Caulking Tools its establishment in 1998, Twenty-one Co., Ltd. has been doing its best to produce the best quality products through endless research and new technology development under its motto, product innovation, customer satisfaction, happiness to employees and realization of neighborly love. Its main products include PVC solvent cement and Caulking tools (silicone gun, silicone hera and silicone nozzle). In fact, it is the first company that received a patent for PVC solvent cement with a brush in the lid for joining plastic to plastic. Its PVC solvent cement is recognized for its superior joining strength.
By establishing product quality guarantee system that customers can trust through systematic product innovation and upgrade activities, Twenty-one recently acquired ISO9001 and converted itself into a global company with innovative competence by delivering its products with utility model, design certificate and PCT application to leading companies not only in domestic market but also overseas.
For the overseas market, it exports its products indirectly to Bangladesh, Vietnam, Thailand and Mongolia.


GP Caulking Tools (GP Caulking Gun, GP Nozzle, GP Hera)

GP gun enables controlling pressure and preventing lingering of silicone flow, which improve work efficiency in economical and hygienic ways. It is convenient to cut silicone cartridge and nozzle with the cutter easily. It has a dual sealing cap for protection against silicone hardening. Lastly, it is excellent with durability and light compared with other companies’ products.
GP silicone nozzle is smooth even without hera. It has natural finishing with special design. It is designed so that anybody can use it easily. It can save the unnecessary amount of silicone up to 1/3 compared with existing products.
GP Hera is capable of making a perfect Caulk line easily. It has smooth and natural finishing with PU used for pad. The pad helps with grouting surface work. It contains vegetable oil which helps prevent silicone from sticking and makes it easy to peel off . It is easy to use Hera on both sides. A cleaning pin is included for nozzle tip. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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