A Professional Maker Of Local Ventilation Systems

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1711M07] The following article is a personal interview with Cheongwoo C&T’s CEO.


Please tell us about your company and the reason for your strong growth

Cheongwoo C&T is an expert manufacturing local ventilation system that purifies harmful substances emitted from laboratories, soldering worksites, hospitals. Currently, our company operates state-of-the-art production facilities in Ansan, a suburb near Seoul.
We are manufacturing and offering seven types of products: arm hood, flexible hose, local ventilation system for desk, movable local ventilation system, small-sized dust collector, and movable dust collector.
Our company’s major clients are Samsung, LG, Kolon Pharmaceutical, National and Public Universities, hospitals and others. We are planning to cooperate with more overseas companies to introduce the local ventilation system that is formulated for the customer’s convenience, safety- oriented design and properly priced to target the global market.


What are your key products?

The local ventilation system has been recognized for its high performance in quickly emitting or purifying the polluted air generated in specific locations such as laboratories and worksites. The compact-sized local ventilation system for desks is sold solely in South Korea.
The flexible hose has two types-desk and mobile type, and can be moved to a specific location with flexible mobility. It minimizes the consumption power by using BLDC motor and consumers can easily replace the filter ─reminded by the alarm that informs the specific time to replace the filter.
The products that our company manufacturers are under strict quality management, SO9001 and ISO14001, and are delivered to customers after passing a rigorous quality test. Additionally, our products are KC patented, and proven by advanced technology and excellent quality. The CE & RoHS certifications are required for expanding into the European market. Lately, our company is exporting the products to Vietnam, China and Thailand actively conducting overseas marketing by participating in global exhibitions and expanding its market frontiers in order to promote our products.

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