Spare Parts for Automotive Aftermarket has been Korea’s representative leading provider of spare parts in the automotive aftermarket. Aimed towards the overseas aftermarket since its inception in 1998, PARTS-MALL has positioned itself as a leading supplier within the global market providing complete automotive solutions for Korean vehicles. Moving away from the confines of its initial business structure; supplying only genuine brands, PARTS-MALL offers customers complete freedom of choice between brands providing a range of different prices, quality and specifications.
It strives to lead, not follow – continuing to extend its position as a market leader. This principle was what resulted in the creation of the internationally renowned private brand, PMC. Covering all makes of Korean cars, it is also dramatically expanding its range of parts for Japanese and European cars. Its goal is simple – to be a one-stop solution in the automotive aftermarket. It has diversified its business and grown into three new subsidiaries in the Korean market with its main office based in South Korea and five overseas corporations in the UAE, South Africa, China, Malaysia and Russia, with further expansion plans underway.


PMC Filters and Pads

As for PMC filters, there are air filters, oil filters, fuel filters and cabin filters, with 5,500 items available. They cover the full range of Korean vehicles, and Japanese & European vehicles. They come with warranties as well, with 3,000km for cabin, 5,000km for air and oil and 10,000km for fuel. Certifications include ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and EAC 2016.
PMC pads include brake pad, shoe and lining with 400 items for pad and 150 items for shoe, covering the full range of Korean vehicles and Japanese vehicles. They come with warranties for one year or 10,000km. They are characterized as 100% non-asbestos, E-mark (EU Certification) and black plate with low carbon. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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