Auxiliary Equipment for Plastics Processing Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing auxiliary equipment needed for plastics processing. Its typical products include Granulator, Magic color mixer, DustZero and Water view. Especially, based on its new cutting-edge technology, DustZero leads the world market as well as the domestic market for removing plastic dust or foreign substances. Crutec Co., Ltd. with its excellent skill in plastic crushing, dust removal and blends, will be your best partner.


DustZero, Low Speed Granulator and Magic Color Mixer

DustZero is the world’s first fine particles and dust removal device. DustZero boasts 100% new concept of de-dusting technology, Turbo-cyclone type, and its second-to-none capability of separating dust and metal. With its easy installation and operation, it is convenient to clean for material change within five minutes without tools. It is anti-rust with its aluminum and stainless material parts. It will reduce defects of final products and enhance environment-friendly operation.
As for its low speed granulator (CTSC), it has advantages like simultaneous shredding and granulating, less dust and noise, uniformity of granulated particles and variety in granulating material. First, thanks to blades for shredding and granulating mounted on one axis, the operation of the 1st shredding and the 2nd granulating are done simultaneously. Second, very little dust and less noise can be assured by revolutionary low speed geared motor and elimination of screen that results in more durability of blades.
CTMC series magic color mixer features rational structure design for simple change of colors and easy calculation of material requirement. By connecting directly to the injection machine without additional mixing equipment, it saves time with unnecessary moves by operator reduced. Supplying required quantity of material, reduction of the operator’s movement line is possible. By combining two feeders with one machine, it can supply three kinds of material, namely, virgin, MB1 and MB2, into the machine simultaneously. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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