Engineering Company for Shipbuilding and Off shore Business a newly stsrted high technology design engineering company in the shipbuilding and offshore FEED(Front End Engineering Design), detail design and production design with supply of material handling package business, NaSung Engineering was established in May 2015. The company has all the resources it needs to integrate with recent high technology with its brilliant young staffs and directors who have more than 30 year experience from HHI. With all the technologies, knowledge and experiences of its engineers and management, it can serve the industry, especially designing part of the shipbuilding and offshore business with its indomitable spirit.
It will serve customers with its accumulated knowledge and energy together with its professional approach and wide experience in its basic specialties and in other fields as well. NaSung collaborates with KOSEC (Korea Offshore Plant Engineering Cooperative), which has over 1,100 engineers specializing in process/safety, machinery, pipe, E&I, outfitting, L/Q and structure. Its organization is oriented not only toward internal efficiency and firm structure, but also to meeting its customers’ requirements.


Valves, Damper & Shutter, Portable Fire Pump, Fire Fighting and Fire Engine Vehicle

Valves are widely used in plant and high pressure piping systems. And the valves should be capable of bi-directional flow tightly shut-offat full rated pressure. There are various valves for different purposes, such as butterfly, check, gate, cryogenic, damper, relief and others.
As for dampers and shutters, there are A-0, A-60 class fire dampers, A-60 pneumatic type fire dampers, and A-0 electric type fire dampers. For example, automatic fire dampers are tested and approved “A-0” class divisions according to IMO 654(18). Its operating and control method is automatic, pneumatic and electric. And the control scheme will be provided according to a customer’s requirements.
As for portable fire pumps, fire-fighting and fire engines, motors have been the only portable engine in Korea. The company has expanded its business to more than 15 countries around the world. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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