Boom Sprayer[INQ. NO. 1711M03] Asia Technology’s Boom Sprayer allows users to spray nutrients, micro-organisms, wood vinegar, etc. to realize green farming and make high income. One single person can use the sprayer without any assistant. Front spraying is possible, enabling users to spray materials while looking at crops, thus minimizing damage to crops.
As this product sprays materials evenly and deeply into crops, its spraying effects are excellent, slashing the number of spraying times and subsequently saving users a great deal on pesticide costs. There is no sediment of chemical fluid at the bottom of the tank thanks to divide-type exchanging. It is possible to adjust heights in riding by operation of an electric cylinder according to the height of crops. Strong effects lead to big harvests, enhance product value and bring high income.
Asia Technology was established as the first manufacturer in Korea’s agricultural machinery industry on September 9, 1945. Since then, the company has grown into a specialized manufacturer of general agricultural machinery with the modernization of agriculture in the country, the improvement of agricultural productivity and the development and supply of numerous agricultural machines with high economic efficiency.
Asia Technology established a complete quality assurance system from product design to customer service via ISO9001 quality assurance system certification. As a result of economic and practical agricultural machinery development suitable for the Korean agricultural environment, the company is exporting its products to eight European countries for the first time as a Korean company. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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