Multi-Purpose Cultivator[INQ. NO. 1711M04] Asia Technology’s multi-purpose cultivator (AMC-880SM / 880ST / 880T) is equipped with the latest electronic engine. Less vibration and noise make it comfortable to operate with the cultivator. The cultivator can even be easily started by women and elderly people. Moreover, its special crankshaft has a semi-permanent lifespan. In particular, its fuel tank capacity was increased to 7.5 liters and was replaced with rustproof material.
If you rotate the steering wheel in the opposite direction in accordance with a special drum method developed by the headquarters, the direction of the steering clutch automatically changes from side-to-side so that you can work comfortably in any position.
Depending on working conditions, the upper cover of its rotary can be easily adjusted from 580mm to 900mm width, so that the scattering of soil can be widely set according to the soil conditions of each region. The operation direction of its shift lever can be adjusted according to handle positions. Starting this device is very easy thanks to two starting methods – key start and recoil start.
As you can connect and disconnect the power of the machine by holding its handle, it is convenient and safe when you are working, turning the machine at the edge of a field. Handle direction is rotated left and right at 12 levels, so you can quickly change handle positions according to different working conditions. In particular, the Asia Technology Management Equipment is also very convenient for slope-and house-work because the handle is fixed at 90 degrees. A high-strength hexagonal axle causes no wear or slip and excellent traction boosts work performance. In particular, the high-strength hexagonal axle empowers the machine to be attached to a round-gauged wheel tube. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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