Instrumentation Fittings and Valves Tech Co., Ltd. is a high-precision manufacturer of instrument fittings, valves and related components, as flow and control systems, providing precision-engineered solutions for a wide variety of industries since 1993. The company presents its main brand IY-LOK and aims to become a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of high-quality components for various industries including petrochemical, chemical processing, oil and gas, power generation, water analysis, biopharmaceutical, semiconductor manufacturing, and analytical equipment.
IY-LOK promises the confidence to customers by supplying products and services with prompt response, competitive prices and excellent after-service. Such partnerships are the most important aspect of the company’s business. As a result, IY-LOK has a stronger worldwide network and is providing comprehensive technical support and after-sales support in global markets.

Instrumentation Tube-Fitting, Pipe-Fitting and Valves

IY-LOK flareless tube fittings are specifically designed as leak-free connections for instrumentation, process and control systems, and environmental equipment in chemical plants, power plants, shipbuilding, semiconductors oil refineries, and pulp & paper plants. IY-LOK fittings are manufactured to the highest-quality standards and according to strict material management. IY-LOK twin tube fitting consists of four high-precision-engineered parts designed to provide secure leak-proof joints capable of satisfying high pressure, vacuum and vibration application.
IY-LOK instrument pipe fittings have the following features: First, threads meet or exceed requirements of ANSI B120, 1[NPT], MIL-P-7105 B[ANPT] for tapered pipe threads, to ensure quality requirements for leak-free systems. Maximum thread engagement ensures reliable make-up of pipe connections. Fittings are available in many combinations of sizes, multi-step reductions and shapes that reduce the number of fittings needed in a system. Attractive finishes meet quality-appearance requirements for precision equipment. As for valves available, there are ball valves, check valves, manifold valves and needle valves. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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