T/L Hardware, Substation Connectors, and Grounding & Lightening Protection Materials

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryWith the vision to become a leading global company in various electrical products, Sangdong Industries Co., Ltd. manufactures and markets core components – mainly T/L hardwares, substation connectors, and grounding & lightning protection materials. Since its establishment in 1970 as a manufacturer, Sangdong has demonstrated its commitment throughout the years to a set of comprehensive values including integrity and standardization.
Through Sangdong’s technical expertise accumulated during its many years in the industry, it has raised awareness of the competitive nature of its products through their demonstrated reliability. It is currently exporting its electrical products to 45 countries worldwide and it is sincere to buyers by aiming to satisfy them at all times with high-quality products. Furthermore, it is pleased to announce that it is now in a position to meet its customers’ requirements even better now with its accumulated technologies and modern facilities.


Manufactured in Modern Facilities according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001

T/L hardwares consist of various components and are designed to sustain harsh climate conditions according to special technical requirements of customers and international standards, IEC 61284, BS 3288, etc.
Substation connectors are designed to be installed with a minimum effort to run cooler than the conductors being joined and to provide optimum performance under all operating conditions according to international standard, ANSI NEMA CC1. They are available for connecting with various conductors, standard conductors, terminals and tubes.
Grounding & lightning protection materials from Sangdong Industries Co., Ltd. provide a specified path on which lightning can travel. These materials protect equipped buildings by transmitting the power of the lightning strike safely into the ground, leaving the structure, its contents and occupants unharmed. Grounding & lightning protection materials consist of numerous components constructed from highly conductive copper or aluminum alloys.

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