One Touch Rebar Couplers Co., Ltd. was established in 2011. Since then, it has developed one touch rebar couplers, supplying them to the local construction market. However, it is the world’s first one-touch rebar coupler, so it has the potential to become popular. Its engineers had conducted research for seven years on ways to develop and improve the rebar one-touch coupler. The results were successful.
The high-strength coupler was patented with registration no. 10-1003302. As the world’s first one-touch rebar coupler, it is able to connect rebar to rebar without any process. Also, the tensile strength is much higher than existing products. It has been internationally patented as well with registration no. PCC/KR2011/002977. This innovative one-touch rebar coupler is suitable to connect rebar to rebar without screw fitting, gas connection or any other process.


Economic Feasibility of Coupler

Rebars used in reinforced concrete structures need to be connected due to construction methods and product standards. Lap splice, being the traditional method, has been used widely thanks to easy construction. However, costs of rebar material and space of rebar have increased sharply due to shortage of internal space between arranged rebars and difficulty in separation and filling of aggregate at the time of concrete pouring, along with unstable quality of cladding cause the costs to rise. Due to excessive loss rate of rebar, it is now being replaced by mechanical splice.
Gunin Coupler is a node piece coupled to the groove of the rebar node with excellent tensile strength. If it is compared with other coupling types such as all-in-one type interior, detachable interior and wedge type, Gunin Coupler, insert type, is considered to have the fastest construction speed among Korean site coupling types. Therefore, it can save significantly on installation time, labor and equipment cost. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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