Friction Welding Machines and Solutions TECH Corp. has provided friction welding machines and solutions to many manufacturing clients in the automotive, construction, oil and gas industries since 2000. As a result of tireless efforts, U-JIN TECH’s friction welding machine is widely used by manufacturers in different countries for efficiency, cost saving, short cycle time and environmental reasons. U-JIN TECH continues to strive for technical development, innovation and quality control for trusted quality and reputation.


Advantages of Friction Welding Machine

U-JIN TECH’s friction welding machine’s process requires no third party materials such as fillers, welding wire or gas and is achieved by rotation one or two component parts with a stationary component part. The friction welding part that is rotated is brought into contact with the stationary component, and rotation is stopped when enough heat has been generated to bring the components to a plastic state and the desired burn off has been achieved.
More axial force is then applied between the two components resulting in a solid state bond at the interface forming a friction welded joint. Direct drive friction welding is able to weld dissimilar metal and non-ferrous metal.
The key points are monitored throughout the weld cycle, resulting in a repeatable, robust and accurate finished component. Every weld is logged for total traceability. Its benefits include welding dissimilar metals and non-ferrous metals, material costs reduced along with scrap parts and weight.
Other advantages include low energy consumption, no arcs, sparks, smoke or flames, constant quality maintained and monitored no air hole at welding points, no filler material, fluxor shield gas, short welding cycle and high efficiency and easy automation for mass production. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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